by / Friday, 09 January 2015 / Published in Featured, Wholehearted

On these cold winter days…

All I want to do is sit by a fireplace with a hot drink.

I find myself constantly seeking out the warmest place or thing.

At every turn, I’m positioning myself in that sliver of sun that cuts through the clouds, just to feel that touch of warmth on my cheeks…Digging through drawer after drawer to find the warmest socks and wooliest sweaters…And seriously contemplating eating soup for breakfast just because it is hot.

Just as my body naturally seeks out the warmth of the hearth…

I believe our souls seek the fire of true heart passion.




There’s a fire in your heart that burns bright!

That fire, that passion is a gift!

Don’t fight the urge to pursue that passion.

Find your fire!  Feed your passion!  Live your dreams!

And remember that the fire that burns within your heart isn’t just for you…

It is for the people around you too!

We have a responsibility to clear away the clutter so that our fire can provide warmth and light to those around us.


Live #Wholehearted♥