It’s in Your Hands

by / Wednesday, 07 January 2015 / Published in Featured, Wholehearted

We’ve made it one whole week into the New Year.

So at 7 days in, how has it been?

If you’ve made goals or resolutions for the year, how are they going?

If you haven’t, do you plan to?

Is there a plan of execution for those goals, aspirations, dreams, and resolutions?


This is the moment to set your intentions for the year.

This is the moment to decide what 2015 will hold.

Decide now what it is that you want to accomplish later.

Decide now how you will respond to the good and the bad that will come this year.

Decide now who you will become in 2015.

The decision pre-decision is in your hands.


What is a “pre-decision”?


A pre-decision can be viewed as a core value or a guiding principle.

It’s kind of like a tuning fork.  If a choice you are facing doesn’t resonate with the tune of that “pre-decision” you know not to go down that path, because it is dissonant to and incongruent with where you are trying to go and who you are wanting to become.


Mark Batterson describes pre-decisions this way.

“I’m more and more convinced that our destiny comes back to our decisions and the most important decisions are our pre-decisions. Luke 21:14 says, “Make up your mind not to worry beforehand how you will defend yourselves.” This is a simple thought: pre-decisions are decisions you make beforehand. But those decisions will determine our destiny. If we don’t live by design we live by default.”


I really don’t like the idea of living by default, allowing life to just happen to me.

That seems scary, reckless, and basically the opposite of how I’d like my life to be defined.

I want to be an active participant in shaping my destiny.


When life gets hurried, hectic, or hard it is easy to become haphazard in our decision making…unless, we’ve made some pre-decisions.

Unless we have already determined what really matters to us before stuff starts ‘getting real,’ it can be super tough to see clearly and make right choices (ie: choices that lead us closer to our goals, aspirations, dreams, and resolutions).

We can’t control everything that happens to us.

But we can control how we respond to those things.

We can’t control what other people do (or don’t do).

But we can control what we do (or don’t do).


Decide now…2015 is in your hands.




Live #Wholehearted♥


Image via The Dailey Method