I love Team & Team Night!

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Everywhere I look people are talking about “team.”

Sure, it could just be the circles I run in…or it could be a beautiful trend emerging (I hope it’s the latter).

I love “Team” and I am beyond thrilled to see worship bands and church creatives the world over beginning to embrace this idea of team and “team nights”





Team is all about belonging.   Team is about invitation.   Team is about inclusion.

Team is about triumph, victory, and innovation that comes as a result of a ‘better together’ mindset.


For many millenials, I believe the concept of team resonates with us, because we love and long for true community.

I like that being on a team usually means that we are choosing to be with people who have enough in common with us to make it fun, but enough differences to make the team function.

I mean, think about it. On most sports teams, everyone enjoys the same general sport but individual team members excel at a specific subset of skills within that sport.

What makes great teams is when there is a whole crowd of different yet related practitioners who are willing to work together — fully engaged and contributing their own giftings — who trust and rely on their team members to do the same.

And that’s why I love “Team Nights” because it is a place where we can come together and reinvigorate our common vision and goals and simultaneously celebrate our wildly unique and needed differences.


Teams and team nights are a place where we are reminded that we each have a unique role to play!

It is a place where we see how we grow individually and corporately in community.

It is a place where we can breathe easy, knowing we are loved, cherished, valued, and needed.

It is a place where we can stand together, united in heart yet unique in expression.


I think there is something so powerful about celebrating our need for one another.

I think something really begins to shift in our hearts and minds when we acknowledge that we are better together then live and function in the light of that knowledge.

As worship leaders, there are few things more fragrant an offering of worship as unity. Nor is there anything which points to Jesus more clearly than a band of misfit pilgrims loving, supporting and celebrating each other.

 We are better together!


Live #Wholehearted

Further Reading:

Psalm 133:1, John 13:34-35, Ephesians 4:1-7, Col 3:12-17