Nouveaux Départs

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“Nouveaux Départs” is French for New Beginnings.

Most of us love new beginnings and new things.

The smell of a new car.

The glisten of a brand new smartphone.

The feel of fresh sheets.

We love new.

It’s funny though, because even though many of us love new beginnings we don’t usually like endings.

What I like about the New Year’s Celebration is that we have found a way to acknowledge the inevitability of change while celebrating both past accomplishments and future hopes.


At this time of year we like to take a pause, take stock and then (hopefully) take action.

Many of us review the year that has been and plan and dream for the year that will be.

If we’ve had a good year, we try to think about how we can continue and increase last year’s successes in the year to come.

If we’ve had a bad year, we welcome the opportunity to leave the bad behind, “turn the page” and start afresh.


This January as I face a new year my heart is full – f

Full of expectation and gratitude.

2013 was an interesting year.

At times it seemed quite difficult, yet I wouldn’t call it a ‘bad’ year.

Sure, there was challenge, but there was also growth.

It’s true, there was hardship, but there was also beauty.

At times, there were tears, but there was also joy.


There were many things that could seem ‘bad,’ but as I look back…

I just see gratitude.

I see faithfulness.

I see love.

I see goodness.

I see God at work in my life.


All I can think of when I think of 2013 is the word  Sowing

Subsequently, I am filled with great expectation for 2014…

2014 will be a year of great harvest.♥


Live #Wholehearted


Further Reading:

Luke 8:1-15, Gal. 6: 7-8 (MSG), Psalm 126:5-6 (NIV)

See also this great message by Mark Batterson 

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