The Olympic Spirit

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I have an obsession…

It’s called the Olympics.
Every four years the world watches as athletes from around the world gather in a mountain encircled city far away.

They gather to compete.

They gather to chase.

They gather to push.

They gather to challenge.

They gather to pursue a dream.


If you’ve watched the Olympics at all you know…

The broadcasters love to talk about the Olympic Spirit.

They talk about the magic and miracles it brings out of even the novices.

They talk about they ways victory eludes the world’s best on sports’ biggest stage.

They talk about the way athletes, who usually underperform, suddenly pull out the comebacks and the victories that Hollywood blockbusters are made of.

All of that is true and amazing. And I love it!

And being the bleeding heart that I am, there is usually ‘misty eyes’ at least once during the Olympics as I watch someone conquer fears and realize their dreams.


But as I’ve been watching this year, listening to the stories of torn ACLs and broken arms and broken legs and collapsed lungs, I can’t help but think that the Olympic Spirit isn’t about what happens during these two weeks of televised sporting events.


The Olympic Spirit is found in the hours and hours of tiring practice, training, and preparation.

It’s in the agonizing rehabilitation, the icing, the wrapping, and the like that these athletes do long before anyone knows their names.


The Olympic Spirit is about tenacity, devotion, boldness, and, above all else, perseverance.


Olympians embody wholeheartedness.

These athletes believe in their dream and love their dreams enough to battle through practically anything.

This really challenges me!

Do I believe in my dreams that much?

Do I love my dreams enough to pursue them in the face of adversity?

If yes, do I really live like that? And how can I do better?


When I feel like my dreams aren’t coming to pass the way I want them to…

Perhaps, I could benefit from a little Olympic Spirit!


Perhaps, I can dig a little deeper.

Perhaps, I can look at my “setback” as just the setup I need to really succeed.

Perhaps, when it gets tough and looks impossible, that is the time for me to lean in and pursue like never before.


If there is anything I’ll be taking away from these Olympics it is this:
Dream, plan, work, fall down, get up and then keep working the plan! ♥


Live #Wholehearted

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