This Is The Pits!

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“This is the Pits!”

This is an expression I’m sure you’ve heard.

When we say “This is the pits,” what we’re really trying to express is, “Wow, this is the worst“ or perhaps “This is tough” or “I don’t like this.”

But what we are really asking is “How am I going to get out of this situation?


Pit Master

You’re probably familiar with the story of Joseph.

You know, the favorite son of Jacob, who eventually got tossed into a pit by jealous brothers.

(You can read Genesis 37 for the full scoop.)

Joseph was no stranger to the pit, and yet he flourished in his life.

So what was his secret?  He stayed faithful through the pits.

He lived wholehearted.


Instead of Getting Worked Over by the Pits, He Let the Pits Work for Him.

Like Joseph, we must choose to remain faithful in the pits.

We must recognize that the pits don’t define us…but what we do with them just might.


Think About the Pits of Fruit.

Peach pits, cherry pits, olive pits, apricot pits etc.

They can either be a bother or a blessing.

They can either break our teeth or provide the seed needed for nourishment in a future season.

We get to decide.


When You’re in “The Pits” Decide that You Will Use the Pits as Seeds. 

Steward the “pit” seasons as well as you steward the great seasons…

Remembering that maybe, just maybe the purpose of the pits is to position you for future greatness. ♥


Live #Wholehearted

Further Reading: Genesis 39-41, James 1:2-4


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