Show and Tell (Part 2)

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The Show and Tell Principle applies to our worship too.

In our worship, we should strive to be worshippers who demonstrate our worship for the Lord.

The Bible gives us so much instruction and encouragement in this area.

Through out the Bible, we are encouraged to “clap our hands,” “Sing for Joy,” “Lift a shout of Praise,” “Dance before the Lord,” and “kneel/bow in worship.”

It is clear that we are to not only speak and sing our worship to God…

But we are also to display worship in and through our bodies.

The apostle Paul encourages us that our bodies “were made for the Lord, and the Lord cares about our bodies” (1 Cor. 6:13b).


Our physical posture can influence our mental condition.

One researcher goes so far as to say that “[our] body language shapes who [we] are.”  What a thought!

Watch this excellent TED video for more details.

Perhaps this is the reason we are instructed in scripture to worship with our bodies.

God knew that our posture and body language can influence the condition of our hearts and minds.


I also think that showing God our worship through demonstrative, expressive worship is a way of humbling ourselves before the Lord.

It can feel embarrassing sometimes to kneel in worship when everyone else is standing.

It can feel awkward to jump or raise your hands when you’re the only one.

It can feel uncool to stand still, eyes closed and hands folded in prayer, while everyone else is dancing.


Yet, I want to be the kind of worshiper who is more interested in living and worshiping in obedience than I am in living and worshiping within my comfort zone.


I am the biggest proponent of worshiping God with your personality.

God made you and loves you just the way you are.

He desires the worship that only you can offer!

While certain physical expressions of worship may be more “natural” for some of us…

We all should strive to both Show and Tell our worship to God! ♥


Live #Wholehearted


Further Reading:

Psalm 47:1, Psalm 66:1, Psalm 98:4 (MSG), 2 Sam 6:14, 2 Chron. 29:27-30 (MSG))

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