Practicing “Wonderstruck”

Thursday, 06 November 2014 by

Practicing “wonderstruck” can be easier said than done. I wrote yesterday’s blog post on a walk home from work early one morning in September. It is such a distinct memory.  I was walking along the street, thinking and praying to myself, when the idea came. I paused at the corner of 10th St. SE and

Less Worry. More Wonder.

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 by

Worry is a waste. Worry adds nothing to our lives (other than high blood pressure). The problem is, worry is an easy place to wander into. Our brains are wonderfully complex and capable of processing and interpreting so much data.  So when we don’t understand something or things don’t go as expected it’s easy to

Punctuate with Praise!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014 by

“Let praise punctuate your pain.  Make sure thanksgiving underscores your every thought.” Read more about my journey of learning to punctuate pain with praise here.   Live #Wholehearted♥


Monday, 15 September 2014 by

Emotions aren’t bad. Even the “bad” emotions aren’t bad… If we punctuate them well. Let me explain. I think the Bible offers us excellent insight into this subject…especially in the Psalms. I absolutely love the humanity in the Psalms. There is so much raw, real, human emotion in there. The Psalmists express the good, the