At All Times

by / Monday, 05 January 2015 / Published in Featured, Wholehearted

It is the first Monday of a New Year.

The first of 52 weeks to live new adventures.

The New Year’s celebration always seems to bring with it a new sense of expectation and hope.

We make resolutions and lists.

We vow to do better/different/more/etc.

And while I do have a list of goals I’d like to accomplish this year.

I am making only one “resolution”

I resolve to praise the Lord at all times!




It’s simple. But I believe it is the key to every other success.

When we let our lives be led by praise we position ourselves to receive from God.

When we praise God first, best, and most in everything, we position ourselves to find joy in anything.

As we offer praise and thanksgiving through every situation (both good and bad) that we will face this year, our eyes will be opened to the hand of God working on our behalf in each circumstance.  He is so faithful!


Let 2015 be a year marked by praise!


Live #Wholehearted♥

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